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We offer a variety of services that provide comprehensive, preventative, and educational oral health care from infancy through the teenage years.

We invite you to come back to the treatment room with your child for routine dental visits. During the initial and routine check-up appointments, this will give Dr. Eddie and his staff the opportunity to discuss any dental findings and necessary treatment directly with you.


Preventive Dentistry

  • Routine cleanings and fluoride treatments
  • Periodic examinations to monitor the eruption of the teeth and discuss any orthodontic treatment needs, evaluate the health of the gums and soft tissues, and check for the presence of tooth decay

Sealants- Placement of a protective coating that can be bonded on the deep grooves and chewing surfaces of the teeth to help make them easier to keep clean and help reduce risk for tooth decay

Restorative Dentistry

  • Placement of fillings or crowns as needed to restore teeth affected by tooth decay or dental trauma.


  • Removal of primary teeth if needed to help the permanent teeth come in properly or if necessary due to dental trauma or infection

Space Maintainers

  • Placed to hold room for an unerupted permanent tooth in situations where a primary tooth is lost early

Other Services

To help your child feel more comfortable during any necessary dental procedures, depending on your child’s age, medical history, extent of treatment needed, and anxiety level, one of the following treatment options may be discussed with you:

  • Nitrous oxide (sometimes referred to as “laughing gas”)
  • Oral conscious sedation medication
  • Treatment under general anesthesia


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